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Like many who will read this piece, I am born and raised in Kampala, the capital city of the pearl of Africa; Uganda. It’s mostly for that reason; I call this city my own. However, there are things we do to and in this city that no one in their right minds should ever do […]

Every year, Rotaract clubs get new membership just like they lose membership. This is necessary and inevitable because it keeps the club alive and refreshed. But how many of these members stay on in these club(s)? Of course, this depends on how their orientation was before joining and this is the determining foundation of a […]

Sooo…where do I start?? If I told you I only planned to attend this year’s DCA three weeks prior, would you believe me? Coz that’s exactly what happened! Zero order! I guess my life only has great things falling in place…. So here goes, one Tuesday I’m helping out at Kinder Kare Preschool and Rotarians […]

The young nine months old, scampers on the mother like all its life depends on her, it doesn’t want to go even when the mother beckons it to join the siblings in play. Its skin seems to betray the innocence that so evidently sparkles from its eyes. All is not well, the bugs of the […]

My year as club treasurer 2014/2015 has been one huge learning experience on so many fronts. Handling money that isn’t yours is a really huge task especially when accountability is something that you can choose to play around with and there isn’t a system set to monitor the funds. Along the way, I developed a […]

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