Sooo…where do I start?? If I told you I only planned to attend this year’s DCA three weeks prior, would you believe me? Coz that’s exactly what happened! Zero order! I guess my life only has great things falling in place….

So here goes, one Tuesday I’m helping out at Kinder Kare Preschool and Rotarians from Kampala North show up for their scheduled dance practice. For some reason, I’m intrigued to stay. And that’s where it all began!

Fast forward to the day of travel. It wasn’t all rosy I won’t lie seeing that transporters just like tailors and carpenters are cut from the same cloth L……but we got to our destination albeit all the cursing, hunger, boredom and swollen feet…the list is endless not forgetting the associated jet lag!!!

The minute we arrived at our hotel, I can’t begin to describe everyone’s excitement! People were radiant with joy!! The disturbing thought of a dreaded return journey was brushed off quickly as it came.

I’ll focus on the night events, I will let someone else cover the day part. As expected, The Rotarians side was much more fun packed and fully attended so that’s where most of us rotaractors stuck. hehe

First night was the all white party. It was all lights and happy faces filling everywhere. You really can never go wrong with white they say. I saw the serving area first and the salivary glands were aroused to maximum! It was exactly what I needed to see…at that time…or was I just hungry?  Anyways, this was ‘our’ night, Esther and I. We were to perform on stage with Rotarians from Kampala north. And we did. The uproar and camera flashes in our faces while we put on our show confirmed to me our dance practice efforts were not in vain. It felt so good! So good in fact I wouldn’t have minded repeating this!

Next was the African night. What can I say, people are so creative it’s amazing! There was a showcase of African attire that night that kept the entire audience fixated! This whole African thing made me feel some kinda way…a sort of gratefulness for having been born African!

And, as has always been, the District Governor’s ball closed the conference. With a bang! From the hall itself, to the décor, to the food, the performances…Good Lord, the performances!!! You needed to have been there to understand clearly what I’m going on about. We were beautifully entertained! Everyone was so elegantly dressed, it was a pretty sight! Again, being in Kampala north for that time, we (Esther and I) were part of the group that danced as we welcomed our DG- Robert W. Nsibirwa. This night ended at some club whose name I will choose to forget but we surely  enjoyed every last bit of it.

So yeah…this year’s DCA was great, and fun, and adventurous, with everything in-between! Again, nothing beats helping the less fortunate and having fun at the same time! A relishing Satisfying feeling it brings to life!

Viva la rotary!

Vanessa P. Kavuma

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