• Conduct at least 1 inspirational /motivational Youth programs or dialogues – sustainable & empowering, where the youth are polished as professional leaders.
  • Clubs have meaningful fellowships/meetings that may at times have guest speakers or club members talk.
  • In Support of the Vijana Poa Project, we shall have a vocational exhibition for Rotaractors in a bid to create awareness and exposure of Rotaractors’ professions and businesses.
  • Identify Rotarians who will mentor Rotaractors in respect to their vocations.
    (Rotarians who have succeeded at their vocations and professions exchanging and
    sharing ideas with Rotaractors)


  • To ensure that each Rotaract club mobilizes 5 youth in the community to take part in the Rotary Vijana Poa Program so as to be equipped with employable and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Identify Rotarians with different vocations to mentor and equip the hard to employ youth with skills and get them employment or internship placement.
  • To source credit support for young people’s innovations and businesses


  • Have at least 30% membership increase in clubs while reduce the level of attrition to
    at least 10%.
  • Improve the quality of members through various Rotaract / club in-house trainings.
  • Invite interactors due to join rotaract clubs.
  • Have higher institutional based rotaractors due, eventually join community based rotaract clubs.
  • Identifying Rotaractors due to join Rotary. ( this will be the job of the Rotaract District Membership Chair)
  • To have clubs in Uganda have at least a partner club in Tanzania


  • Each Rotaract club to conduct at least one service project that is impactful and sustainable & one international project.
  • Each club to have at least one joint project or activity with their sponsoring club.
  • Each Rotaract club have a component of hand washing sensitization & End polio campaign within the community when carrying out their service project.
  • Carryout a Joint Rotaract Blood donation Campaign in Uganda and Tanzania.


  • Have all clubs reports on monthly basis.
  • Win at least one RI AWARD for good performance.
  • Have at least 70% of the clubs report for the presidential citation.
  • Have effective & precise club communication
  • Support all District Rotary Programs & activities.
  • Effectively monitor & evaluate all clubs performances.
  • Have at least 80% of the clubs paying district dues.
  • Have quarterly reports from the District team both Financial and progress reports.

6. IMAGE OF ROTARACT: (Public Relations)

  • Clubs Harness and optimize multimedia channels for their project and activities.
  • Promote rotaract externally through the District website & other social media platforms.
  • Each club to have at least an active face book page & website/ blog.
  • Clubs engage more corporate partnerships for projects & activities.
  • Ensure that all Rotaractors get to use ROTARY SHOWCASE on the RI website in a bid to create worldwide awareness of their projects.


  • To raise & contribute at least $2000 to the Rotary Foundation.
  • Have at least 3 PHFs
  • Hold an event geared to raising money towards the Rotary Foundation. Both in Uganda and Tanzania.
  • To have Rotaract clubs qualify for Rotary global Grants.


DRR Nicholas Tenywa

About Franny Kaganzi

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