Every year, Rotaract clubs get new membership just like they lose membership. This is necessary and inevitable because it keeps the club alive and refreshed. But how many of these members stay on in these club(s)? Of course, this depends on how their orientation was before joining and this is the determining foundation of a quality membership.

If one joins because of parties then when there are no parties they will disappear.

When a prospective member is invited to a club fellowship and he/she expresses interest in joining the club, they are given a mentor who is a Club member. This mentor is usually the person who is given the responsibility of helping a guest understand what Rotaract is all about, follow up on the guest’s progress in learning about Rotaract, create more interest of the club to the guest, and make the guest feel welcome; but how many mentors know what to do?  and how many actually mentor?

After all has been said and done the now “new” member cannot even recite the grace what a shame! The club would have added onto the quantity but short of a quality member.

Some mentors claim you learn as time goes by but that is very wrong because every member needs to at least learn the basics then grasp the core with time. Learning about Rotaract is like learning to drive a car, “you learn the basics and circumvent your way around the traffic jam and cruel taxi drivers with time”.

In my opinion mentoring starts when a new member joins a club. This is when that person exhibits their availability, interest and commitment.

What then should a mentor do?

  1. Take this new member around to visit other clubs
  2. Visit other clubs’ projects with this new member
  3. Give them a chance to recite the grace, 4- way test e.t.c
  4. Help them read the constitution
  5. Attend training’s with them


In other words, help the new person understand that Rotaract is about giving time and without giving it you won’t learn.

It is very important to recruit many people to our clubs, but we need to be careful in order to be able to sustain our membership. After all a Rotaract club has no hands but us.

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