Whenever I think of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations I remember 2 events; one is my own installation as President of this great Club in June 2013 and the other is the death of my father later on in September that same year. The second event is memorable because I remember the Friday the 8th of September 2013 while we were celebrating the 23rd Charter Celebrations at Centenary Park, the then President of Mother Club Paul Bogere (R.I.P) was seated next to me and asking me what we have prepared for 25 years given that it was coming soon and my phone kept going off and he asked why and I responded that my Dad is in hospital and is badly off but I will see the celebrations through then leave. He asked me if I was sure and I said yes. Sadly my Father passed the next day and both he and Paul have not lived to see this event. Moving on it is a celebration none the less.

When I was asked by my President Linda Kyemba to serve as Silver Jubilee Chair, I believe it was the culmination on my involvement with this club and when I said yes (even if I really had no choice), I understood then and there the great and long journey ahead I had. I went about choosing an equally capable team to achieve this with me and I am glad that today a culmination of our efforts is the wonderful and memorable 12th September 2015.

But what exactly does this day mean? You cannot answer this without having a long walk down memory lane of the Club and appreciating all the achievements of the past 25 years. Where did we begin? Charter President Paul Bahurwire (R.I.P) and all the Charter Members worked tirelessly to have only the 2nd community based club chartered on the 9th of September 1990, this is where it all begun. The Club was well known for its initial project, the Kyanja Monthly Medical Outreach (1990-2006) and this was the first in a long line of impactful medical projects that this club is known for.

Fast forward to the great Kidera Community Outreach that has transformed a very rural area in Uganda into a semiurban area with basic facilities now readily available to all. Ask why? The locals will tell you that rotaract opened up the area and yes, that was the Warriors. Kidera became a hall mark of rotary medical projects and a blue print for many future ones by all clubs. The Nakasongola Medical Outreach (2007-2014) was a baby of Kidera that again showed the entire rotary family just who the Warriors are, one of the biggest projects that one both District and Country awards until it was closed last year. But can you talk about Kololo projects without mentioning the Salvation Army Children at Risk Project, the one that brought home the much sought after RI Citation for Best Project In Africa (1996-97), no. These projects are all testament of the kind of club we are celebrating.

Ladies and gentlemen that is but half the story but it is a story too long to put on paper. Celebrating 25 years is no mean feat as only a handful of clubs have achieved this. Many Clubs have come and gone but why have clubs like ours so excelled at representing this very dear organisation? The answer is simple; over the past 25 years we have shown that our primary strength is our membership. The identification and selection process of potential warriors and the grooming as well as training ensures that from 1990 to 2015 we never get a drop in standard with regard to this very trait. And once you have membership so well selected, the sky is the limit. Our rotaractors boast on being the crème de la crème and never lacking in the material particulars and that is why over the years we have so achieved and in turn fed Rotary with its very same achievers already “baked”. What else if not that, is the core obligation of a rotaract club?

Therefore as we celebrate 25 years we must thank all our membership, from the Charter members to all 150 plus of them since 1990 to present day, for upholding and maintaining the very highest of standards always. We must thank our mother club, The Rotary Club of Kololo for doing  their work just right in chattering us, nurturing us and constantly guiding us. We must thank all our partners in service including sister clubs, friends of rotary and our very own families for all the support throughout the years. We do not operate in a vacuum and therefore would never have celebrated all this success without our partners in service. ASANTE SANA.

The Silver Jubilee was marked by among other things a Walk, Blood donation and Grand Dinner on the 12th of September 2015. However we must not forget that in an effort to maintain our stellar status we have a Silver Jubilee Project which will see us build sanitation blocks in major slums around Kampala in the next 10 years, starting with the pilot project in Naguru Kasenke slum, do support us in this venture.

As Silver Jubilee Chair I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to firstly my team (The Silver Jubilee Organising Committee), to our sponsors (Pepsi, NSSF, BOU, Easy Ticket, Blush Media, Total E&P, Roke Telecom, Harris International and the Kampala Serena Hotel), to our partners in service, to our mother club, fellow rotary family members and lastly to all the members past and present. It’s been a long journey and I believe we shall be able to do it all again in another 25, that is who we are, the Warriors, TO THE NEXT 25…………….CONGRATULATIONS!!!

PP Bernard Mukasa
Silver Jubilee Chair
Past President (2013-14)
Rotaractor of the Year – Uganda Country Award Winner – 2013
The Rotaract Club of Kololo
(Proudly sponsored by the Rotary Club of Kololo)

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