What is Rotaract

If you are on this page, chances are you’re considering joining a Rotaract Club.  And that would be the Rotaract Club of Kololo for that matter. 

We’d love to have you join our community, and if you still need a bit of more convincing then here are a few reasons you should join Rotaract, but most importantly the Rotaract club of Kololo. 



Rotaract simply means Rotary In Action, an affiliate of Rotary international that came into existence in 1968 when the RI board approved it as an official programme for Rotary clubs. The first rotaract club to be chartered was the Rotaract club of North Charlotte, North Carolina USA on March 13, 1968. Rotaract comprises of young adults between the ages, 18 to 30 year committing to service in either community or institutional based clubs through the motto “Fellowship through service”.

Rotaract offers various opportunities for all members a chance to explore new cultures, give back to society and develop both personally and professionally.



Rotary is a community of friends who are committed to creating positive change in the world. Rotary brings together people and community leaders from all continents, cultures, and occupations to share their ideas  to make the world a better place. By combining their distinct and vast skills and expertise, members of Rotary are tackling some of humanity’s greater challenges from local initiatives like feeding the hungry to global focus and efforts like eradicating polio. This all begins with weekly club meetings, where members catch up with friends, hear what’s happening in their community, organize club events/activities and service projects. It’s a fun way to connect with the people in your community who share your passion for doing good.


Being in Rotaract helps you make valuable connections with community leaders who care about the issues and concerns affecting your village, town, institution and community around the world. And you’ll have the chance to apply your personal experience and professional skills to solve these challenges and create positive change and global impact. As a member, you’ll also find opportunities to network and develop your professional skills in the process.

As a member of Rotaract you’ll spend time with, family, friends and possibly colleagues while also making new ones every week! Members are encouraged to invite their friends, workmates, spouses or partners, children, and parents to take part in service projects and also attend club events and other activities. 

As a member of a Rotaract Club you will and can take the lead in  organizing events, developing projects, and maybe running your club as well. Through these activities, you’ll develop and improve your project planning skills, improve your public speaking, and even learn new skills along the way like social media, public relations, leadership and fundraising.

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