“The deep pain that is felt at the death of every friendly soul arises from the feeling that there is in every individual something which is inexpressible, peculiar to him alone, and is, therefore, absolutely and irretrievably lost.”

Arthur Schopenhauer


I’ve buried you in every place i’ve been. You keep ending up in my shaking hands.

Have you ever felt like someone reached into your chest and picked out your heart, only to drop it to a million pieces? We all face challenges, some of which may come from the daily roller coaster rides on relationships, work, illness…you name it. However scary or nauseating, we often recover from these. There are however those that take threatening forms like; divorce, a miscarriage, or the largely feared…DEATH.  Six months ago the latter gripped us with its large claws, squeezing ever so tightly and taking one of our own, Peter Wamanga.


Peter Wamanga’s Photo during the last funeral fellowship held in his memory by the Rotaract club of Kololo.

The 18th of May 2016 will forever be the day most of us feel a void in our hearts. A void that unfortunately can never be replaced. A void that took a piece of us. A void that we are still dealing with. A void that forever scarred our hearts.

We had friends tell us that it would get easier, but we doubted them and thought that they probably just wanted us to move on with our lives. Did it get easier? No. We simply picked bits and pieces of strength to deal with it. Being STRONG is at times the only choice that needs to be made. Time has been branded “the doctor” in so many clichés, but does it deserve the credit that it has been given? It may seem to normalize grief but does not necessarily take it away. In my opinion, all Time ever does is bandage us.

Are we “over it”? No. Loss is something one never forgets. It creeps up when we least expect it. We are constantly reminded of this bereavement, and in these times, we find ourselves feeling the grief all over again. These reminders often come in form of their favorite song playing on the radio on your way home, watching their team play the finals, or a dance routine that you are absolutely sure they would have loved. These reminders usually pick your stitched heart and tear it up yet again.


Funeral Fellowship by the Rotaract club of Kololo for the Late. Peter Wamanga.

At 28, Peter seemed to have figured life out. If you had not known him you would have thought, just by his insight, that he was older and more experienced.

He loved Rotary and his Club even more. This young man’s passion was visible in all club activities. His departure left a gaping hole that we may never climb out of. We can all confirm that besides being a member, he was a FRIEND.  His was a friendship that was so fulfilling and real. There IS however, a silver lining; we can be mended. Times bandages shall surely mend and help us cope.


One of the many memorable moments our dear Peter Wamanga will be remembered by.

We don’t remember days, however, we simply remember moments, and some of these moments are what we choose to hold on to.  This young man left an indelible imprint in our memories. He shall live on in the hearts of everyone whose life he touched, because seldom do we cross paths with another who has the capability of making such an impact.

Often times we fear that difficulties ruin us, but they are the very ones that break us open. It’s only through such times that we discover how strong we are because it is then that we see our strength work its magic. Grief made us stronger. We now focus on the precious moments that we shared and find comfort in knowing that our lives were enriched by having shared his love. Peter, we are grateful to God for having been given the opportunity to share your life with us even if it was for a short while.


This sports Gala was the last event our the late warrior Peter Wamanga participated in with us.

Someone once said; “Warriors don’t leave, they simply move on”. Peter didn’t leave. He moved to a world that he was trying to create for the less fortunate while here. We know for a fact that he is smiling and hoping we carry on with all the energy there is as Warriors. Despite the bruise his departure left on us, we shall keep fighting and let the SCARS tell their story.


You left with a part of us Peter. Rest well. Till we meet again.


Special credits go to Ms. Joan Nairuba for putting together this wonderful article in the memory of our dear fallen warrior the Late. Peter Wamanga. Rotaract club of Kololo.

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